Terms & Conditions

1. Booking

  1. An order confirmation number shall be issued at the time of booking via email. This reference will be required for all order alterations or rescheduling and for registration on the day of the course.
  2. Payment in full is required before a course booking can be secured.
  3. Course dates cannot be changed during a 48 hour period prior to, or any time after, the date booked for chosen course.

2. Refunding/Rescheduling

  1. South Coast Sailing reserves the right to cancel a scheduled a course if the course does not reach a minimum booking. If a course is cancelled due to this, South Coast Sailing will refund or reschedule.
  2. South Coast Sailing reserves the right to cancel any scheduled course due to prevailing weather conditions or an unfavourable weather forecast. The skipper has the full authority to make this decision to cancel prior to or during the scheduled course. If the course is cancelled prior to its start due to the above weather conditions, South Coast Sailing will reschedule your booking, subject to availability.
  3. South Coast Sailing will refund in full or reschedule a booking, whichever is the preferred option, if a scheduled course is cancelled due to other circumstances apart from the prevailing weather conditions or an unfavourable weather forecast.
  4. South Coast Sailing will refund a booking if it is cancelled prior to, but not during or any time after, a one week period before the scheduled course date.

 3. Safety

  1. Each scheduled course will take a maximum of four passengers, plus the instructor.
  2. South Coast Sailing, or the skipper, reserve the right to refuse permission, without refund, to any person, to proceed with or to continue on a course who they feel may be a cause for concern in relation to the safety of the person; the other participants or crew on board the vessel; or the vessel itself.
  3. Passengers will be required to complete the registration procedure in full; to sign all required documentation during the procedure; and to attend the safety briefing ashore and/or on board the vessel before their scheduled course time.
  4. Passengers and crew will be required to wear life-jackets at all times, without exception, while boarding/leaving the vessel and while she is at sea or docked in the harbour.
  5. Hard soled and heeled shoes are not to be worn on the boat. Glass bottles, smoking, alcohol or drug consumption prior to or during a course, are prohibited.
  6. If possible, all valuables such as phones, watches, wallets, and jewellery should be left ashore to avoid damage or loss. It is also advised to leave a towel and change of clothes ashore in case of rain while the course is underway.
  7. South Coast Sailing expects participants to have a good sense of balance and spatial awareness; a reasonable amount of agility; and no major health issues or physical disabilities.